Throughout the year

Did you know we navigate the whole year for groups? Even with a nice sea breeze! That makes it all so much more exciting.

Everyone seeks his own kicks. There are a lot of people who like a completely calm sea to turn on the gas and fly right over the water with the Wavekart.

There are also quite a few daredevils who like to have a nice swell. Waves up to one meter high will indeed guarantee a spectacular voyage.

Always safety first of course. Therefore, we always start with a comprehensive safety briefing.


Wavekarting® is a unique outdoor watersport activity on the Belgian/Dutch coast. You will be at the wheel of a Wavekart and sail with 2 or 3 people over the waves of the North Sea. Our instructors will supervise you during a thrilling journey off the coast at Knokke-Heist and Cadzand.

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