Difference between a jetski and a Wavekart

Difference between a jetski and a Wavekart
  • A Wavekart is far more stable than a jetski. So it is practically impossible to fall into the water, even while changing pilots at sea or embarking and disembarking in the port.
  • On a Wavekart you remain drier than on a jetski (at most you will be splashed by some sea water).
  • The specially designed console provides far greater sailing comfort than you get with a jetski.
  • Unlike a jetski, Wavekarting® is usable by everybody, including young children, older people and those with a disability.
  • Without requiring any experience, you can sail away immediately and safely with Wavekarting®.


Wavekarting® is a unique outdoor watersport activity on the Belgian/Dutch coast. You will be at the wheel of a Wavekart and sail with 2 or 3 people over the waves of the North Sea. Our instructors will supervise you during a thrilling journey off the coast at Knokke-Heist and Cadzand.

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